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Open Door Adoption Agency has been bringing children home since 1987. Your giving can help us do even more.

The Need

UNICEF statistics report an estimated 153 million orphans in the world. In reality, the majority of these are children who have lost one parent but are living in homes with family. Not counted are the estimated 2-8+ million children living in institutions, or the children living on the streets, exploited for labor, victims of child trafficking or drafted as child soldiers. Among these are 424,000+ children living in the U.S. foster care system. In Georgia alone, there are over 11,000 children in foster care, with around 350 available for adoption on any given day.

While the potential negative impacts are many and widespread, your giving can help us expand our International Programs to get more kids off the streets and into loving families. You can help us approve and train more foster families, so children in the foster system can receive the attention and care they need, preventing or even reversing many of the long-term negative outcomes these children might otherwise face. Finally, you can help us make a difference in the lives of birth mothers who are choosing life for their children. 

How Your Giving Helps


Georgia Foster Care Support

An Open Door provides home study & family approval, training, and foster care support groups, at no cost to the family, so you can provide a home for a child.



International Adoption Programs

We can open adoption programs in new countries, fulfilling government requirements before adoption fees are available to support the country's program.



Scholarships for Adoptive Families

Families can receive scholarships to offset the costs of regular, domestic infant or international program fees.

Mother and Newborn


Birthmother Support

We can have funds available to meet the needs of extraordinary cases in which a small amount of extra financial help could give a worthy birth mother an avenue to a new life.

With your help...

we are reaching our goal!


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to reach our
total goal

The Open Future Endowment Fund's total goal of $900,000 will remain in perpetuity, yielding a conservative 4% to 5% per year to fund Endowment initiatives. The fund is managed through the Community Foundation of South Georgia.

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