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Walter Gilbert | CEO | Open Door Adoption Agency

A Heart for Orphans

Since our beginning, An Open Door has felt a strong call to provide orphan children with loving, Christian homes.

Since 1987, An Open Door Adoption Agency, Inc. has placed over 2,300 children. These include 1,400+ children from the state of Georgia and 900+ international orphans. Each of these precious lives represents many more people touched by adoption — from the birth parents to the adoptive couple to the children themselves. What a great privilege it is to be there for them to complete their desire for a family.

Over the years, one of the great joys has come in seeing the wealth of support from a community of Christian believers who share our heart for children and families. With the Open Future Campaign, we look forward to a lifetime of ministry. Join hands with us as we build a future for our children, here and abroad. God has given you a special place in this ministry. How will you keep the door open for future generations?

In His Service,

Walter Gilbert

Our Mission & Vision

As a private Christian adoption agency, An Open Door provides services through adoption fees. However, the cost of facilitating adoptions often results in substantial fees that can be prohibitive to lower to median income families who would otherwise be wonderful parents to available children. This further reduces the number of families able or willing to adopt extreme cases, including older and special needs children, as well as sibling groups from foster care. In response to these and other concerns, An Open Door has elected to establish the Open Future Endowment Fund, in order to provide a financially sustainable solution.

The Open Future Endowment Fund will be managed through the Community Foundation of South Georgia. The Endowment total of $900,000 will remain in perpetuity, yielding a conservative 4% to 5% per year to fund the following Endowment initiatives.




Fostering cost per child (50% funded by endowment)                          $   2,225

     x20 children per year                                                                          $ 44,500

     TOTAL                                                                                                  $ 44,500


Legal/Program Requirements, foreign governments                            $ 15,500


Four adoption scholarships of $3,000 each                                          $ 12,000


$8,000 general fund for discretionary awards                                      $   8,000

TOTAL                                                                                                       $ 80,000

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