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There are 14,000 children who pass through Georgia Foster Care every year. Of these, 1,400 become available for adoption. About 1,000 are adopted annually, but those who are not become stuck in the system, waiting for a family. Passed from home to home, they suffer abuse, neglect and loss. 80% of boys end up in prison. 50% of girls become pregnant by the age of 21. We want to change that. 


There are 143 million children in our world who have lost at least one parent. Of these, 8 million live in orphanages. They are rejected by their own culture, uncared for and alone. We want to change that. 


There are thousands of families every year who make the decision to adopt. But the cost is high. With legal costs, travel, home studies and regulations, it is often cost prohibitive for a loving couple to adopt. We want to change that.


There are hundreds of birth mothers every year to make the brave choice to place their child with a loving family. We are there for them. But sometimes, their needs exceed our means to give. We want to change that. 


The Open Future Endowment has a $2 million goal; and it is managed through the Community Foundation of South Georgia. The Fund benefits children in Georgia and around the world through the humanitarian work of An Open Door Adoption Agency, Inc. A Hague accredited agency, AOD is a 501(c)3 non-profit operating in the State of Georgia and in ten countries around the world. 

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